Restore the Glory


The LAC, working with Quinn Evans Architects, has begun to develop the final plan to renovate the entire Howell Opera House. This plan, when realized, will provide a multi-purpose performing arts and community events structure that will have two event venues: a first-floor multi-purpose space, and a second and third floor rehabilitated historic theater. This will provide a quality performing arts space for the community as well as for private rental use. Additionally, this will increase building capacity from 200 to a combined 600 people. Quinn Evans will also work with the LAC in developing a strategy for the implementation of that plan. They will aid in establishing a project budget and researching potential funding strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to create a new regional arts venue and preserve one of the important historic structures in the Howell community. The preservation must maintain the unique features of a theater untouched since the 19th century, while renewing the structure so that it meets contemporary building codes and is safe for occupancy as well as equipped to provide 21st century comfort and amenities for economical year around use.

Please consider giving generously to this fundraising event. Finalizing the plans will not only allow us to apply for the facade grant but will also give us a very important tool to procure the funds to finish the Howell Opera House. With your help, Restoring the Glory is close to becoming a reality!

Call our office at 517-540-0065 to donate today!